Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development is a complex issue. In Roberts Creek, we have both the Area Planning Committee (APC) and the Official Community Plan Committee (OCPC). I believe we may be one of the only places in BC that has an OCPC which meets between official reviews. That’s a good indication of how seriously we regard development in this area.

Any and all decisions regarding development must be made in consultation with these 2 groups as well as the population at large.

Obviously affordable housing is a big issue on the entire Coast and we need to look at “Tiny Houses” as a way of ensuring that both aging family members and young people can have a place on a family property while maintaining their independence. This is congruent with the values shared by most of this community and would benefit the community at large.

Cluster housing, similar to what we already have with the Co-Housing property, should also be encouraged as a way to maximize the benefit and minimize the impact of larger developments.