Why I am running for office

I am running for the position of Director for Roberts Creek (Area D) because we are at a critical juncture on the Sunshine Coast and the decisions that are made by our government over the next 10 years will determine what will happen to the Sunshine Coast for decades to come.

I am also very excited that so many Regional District seats are open to new people. We have a chance to change the dynamics of the SCRD. It is my hope that we can start to cooperate with other areas and the municipalities for the benefit of the entire Coast. The Sunshine Coast is a mosaic of communities and that can be a beautiful thing if we unite our visions and work together for the people who live here.
We need pro-active planning. I do not want to see the SCRD making decisions in reaction to crises. We need carefully thought-out strategies for infrastructure, resources and development.

We have to deal with the urgent needs that face our community: water and waste management. Then do some serious planning that will prevent future problems from arising, or at least guide our decisions in a way that is congruent with the desires of our communities.

I'd like to see us "think outside the box" more, and welcome community input both in solving problems and exploring new possibilities.