An Introduction to Cathrine Fuller

I am deeply invested in Roberts Creek and the Sunshine Coast. I have lived in this area for 30 years; was married here; raised my children and now my grandchildren are growing up in The Creek. I truly love this place and I believe it may be one of the best places on Earth to live. I want that to be true for my great great grandchildren as well.

Through most of my adult life I worked in the communications industry. Thirty years ago I was a reporter and then editor of the Coast News. As a reporter, I primarily covered the SCRD. While there have been a lot of changes on the Sunshine Coast in that time, I am often surprised at how the same issues recycle every decade or two. So I bring an awareness of recent history.

On a more personal note I want to be clear about the values I hold.

  1. My first obligation as a representative for Roberts Creek, is to this community. I will never put my personal interests above those of the community.
  2. Clear communications are essential for good governance. Board members need to listen to their constituents, the staff and each other. Not only do I believe in the community consultation that has become standard practice in Roberts Creek, I believe it should be easy for people to know how and why various decisions are made by the SCRD Board.
  3. I am a strong proponent of pro-active planning. In my experience, when you react to a crisis, you often make poor decisions and they are always more costly.
  4. I believe our most valuable resource is the people who live here. Many of these people are exceptionally intelligent and creative; they often have valuable professional experience and the governing bodies need to be receptive to citizens’ input and encourage it.
  5. We are stewards of the natural world around us and wisely caring for that world can only benefit our day-to-day lives.
  6. Finally, I value cooperation and collaboration between all areas of the Coast. We all need to start being better neighbours.

When you see me in person, I will often be trailing my jetpack, disguised as an oxygen cylinder. It is not a personal fashion statement. I have COPD, so I carry my own supply of oxygen where I go. I still dance and sing and travel. I am formidably sharp and very healthy.

I hope you will allow me to serve Roberts Creek as your Director on the Regional Board.